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 for October-December
General Information
Dinner Bell: 6:30 - ShowTime:7:30
Dinner and Show $25 : Show Only $12

October & December

Laffing Room Only

by Tim Kelly

Directed by Mark D Caldwell

A fast-paced, madcap comedy that will keep you weak with laughter.  Gloria Alexander is about to lose dilapidated Whispering Pines for back taxes.  She’d gladly sell the place, but there are no takers.  Enter to state officials, which plan to make the hotel a base for a sting operation.  They give out the word that the hotel will accept stolen goods, hoping to catch a number of petty criminals operating in the area.  One hilarious complication collides with another up to the climax when each visitor turns out to have an unsuspected, rib- tickling reason for being at the hotel.

Twinkling lights, festive bows, sparkling eyes – Traditions and old friends, familiar carols and brand new, eggnog and Aunt Ginny’s homemade pie. So what if we have done it all before. What does it matter that it happens every single year? There is something, just something about that night…this one night, one magical night – when the world is just a little softer, smiles just a little brighter and a belly laughs a whole lot jollier. This one night ~ This Christmas Night.

Dont miss this opportunity to kick-start your Christmas Spirit with Songs of the Season performed by the Northwoods Chorale.
Not to mention a few antics along the way.
Oct 3 & 4: Roast Beef Dinner
catered by Owen's Catering
Oct 10 & 11: Herb Crusted Pork Loin
catered by Skeyes the Limit
Oct 17 & 18: Chicken Fried Steak
catered by Owen's Catering

December 5 [SOLD OUT]: GALA Night ($30)
Dec 6 ($25)   [SOLD OUT]
Dec 9 ($25):  [SOLD OUT]
Dec 11($25): Fried Chicken Dinner
Dec 12 & 13